What is SIOR

The Society of Industrial and Office REALTORS (SIOR) is the leading professional office and industrial real estate brokerage association, representing today’s most knowledgeable, experienced and successful commercial real estate brokerage specialists.

Why Hire an SIOR?

When you choose to work with a commercial real estate practitioner who has earned the SIOR designation, you are leveraging the most knowledgeable, experienced and ethical sales and leasing professionals in the commercial real estate industry.

SIORs are market tested, collectively completing more than 80,000 transactions per year and have met stringent qualifications to achieve the SIOR designation, endorsing their expertise.

2,800 industrial and office grocer and agent worldwide have met stringent qualifications to earn the SIOR designation, certifying their expertise.

Global coverage in 29 countries 630 cities with expertise and knowledge of local markets

Ongoing education ensures that SIORs remain on the cutting edge of industry, professional, and technological practices.

SIORs are deal closers, completing more than 78,000 transaction per year (30 transactions per member)

SIORs are market-tested, ethically driven, and respected in the industry.

SIOR. The right choice.

Visit: www.sior.com